As time permits, I'm going to be adding the forms used or required by Gem/Boise County
Horse 4-H.

The first one will be the new, 2008, Horse 4-H Rules and Regulation book.

Simply go to the table below and get the version you want, either MS Word or Adobe PDF.

(Don't have Adobe PDF? Get it here ->  
Sunset Riders 4-H Resources
Final for 2008 - Version 10, Updated 1 April 08
2008 Gem/Boise Horse 4-H Rules and Regulations
* MS Word - 1.25MB
* PDF - 2.25MB
National 4-H Horse Project Requirements
4-H Involvement Report (#91910)
4-H Animal Project Record Book (#91940)
Gem/Boise County Horse 4-H Supplemental Forms
4-H Training, Packing and Riding Record
(Gem/Boise Supplemental Form)
Idaho 4-H Gem Award (Optional) -
"Exploring The World of Work" and "Participation Other than 4-H"
(Gem/Boise Supplemental Form - Optional)
Permanent 4-H Horse Identification and Health Record
(Gem/Boise Supplemental Form)
Additional Forms
Idaho 4-H Portfolio Evaluation Criteria
Horse Bowl
New District II Horse Bowl Guidelines - 26 Feb 08
Previous Horse Bowl Study Categories and Questions
2008 - Consolidated Horse Bowl; Junior Study Questions
2008 - Consolidated Horse Bowl; Senior Study Questions
Upcoming Shows or
It's Reining Fridays!
2008 Canyon County
4-H Leader's Spring